Armando de la Torre



Armando was born in Tijuana Baja California and raised in Chula Vista. He enlisted in the Army and served with the 82nd Airborne Division in Fort Bragg NC, with one year assignments in Germany and Korea.  He then attended the New York School of Visual Arts, Santa Monica school of Design and Architecture, and Otis school of art and design. During his studies in Los Angeles he was also Project manager for Alternate Routes, an outreach program for Side Street Projects where He taught woodworking to kids on a school bus that was transformed into a mobile woodshop. Currently He is living in San Diego where he is a member of several organizations. The Prizm Process, which develops programs in the community that are designed to transform inspire and uplift communities through arts and civic engagement. The Border Corps, a performance art collective that deals with Social Justice and border issues among other topics. In his free time he can be found in his studio, playing the Fender Rhodes electric piano and singing songs with all his friends.



Exhibitions and group Shows:

“House of Tears Ceremonia de la Cebolla”” Installation, San Diego Art Fair ART LABS 2011

‘Sumer Salon Series” Border Corps” San Diego Museum of Art 2011

“Archive Fever-Poetry, Performance and Dance UAG Gallery San Diego 2011

“La Vida and Comida Aktion Drawing” Self Help Graphics, East Los Angeles 2010

“Summer Salon Series” Border Corps, San Diego Museum of Art 2010

“VACANCY 3” Installation, San Diego, 2010

“Here Not There: San Diego Art Now” Border Corps, MCASD  La Jolla 2010

“Coatlicue Mi Amor” Border Corps, Agitprop San Diego 2010

“La Entrada” Public Art Project, San Diego, 2009

“P.L.A.T.O.” Multi Media. Centro Cultural de la Raza, 2008

“The Guild” Multi Media, GGHCDC, 2008

“Multi Media Happening” GGHCDC, 2008

“World Philosophy Conference” Painting Exhibition, India, 2007

“Espasifico” Multi Media exhibition, Voz Alta, San Diego, 2007

“Love” Painting, group exhibition, Jedite Gallery, New York ,  2006

“Family and Spirit” paintings exhibition, Chicano Pirk, San Diego,2005

“Drive by gallery 2” Multimedia exhibition, Club Recognize, San Diego, 2004

“Drive by gallery” Multimedia art show, Voz Alta, San Diego, 2004

“AutoPilot” group  Exhibition, The City Market Gallery, Los Angeles, 2003

“Brick Lodge” Stages Theater, Hollywood, 2002

“Generic Art” Multimedia show, Hollywood, 2002

“Back Yard Show” The Hatch, Venice, CA 2001

“Nothing from Something” Screening, LA 2001

“Group Show” The bolski gallery, Otis, Los Angeles  2001

“Night Life” Side Street Projects, Los Angeles, 2001

“The Facts of life” Media Group Show, Los Angeles, 2001

“Otis and Vidayoh presents “Screening, Los Angeles, 2001

“Synopsis” Julia Rico Gallery, Santa Monica, 2001

“Labor day” Smart Gals Production, LA, 2000

“Ramal Collective” Side Street Projects, LA, 2000

“Venice Vortex” Santa Monica College Gallery, Santa Monica, 1999

“Into the unknown” Second Story Arts, West Wood, 1999

“Celebration Show” School of Design Art and Architecture, LA 1998

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